How to become a Salesforce consultant

This is the way I would approach it if I had to do it again

I would break this down into 2 parts:

  1. Landing for first Salesforce job
  2. Becoming an expert in your field

It takes years of experience to become really good in any profession. The more you learn the more you realise that there is still so much more to learn. The advantage of being a beginner is that you learn really quickly initially but then it takes a lot more effort to make progress as you become experienced.

I believe your focus should be on landing your first job. Then once you are in you will have access to a network, training, certification vouchers, and most importantly hands on experience

Landing your first Salesforce Job

Starting from 0 is the hardest part so you need to build clarity on your goal, commit 100% and go all in and take massive action. Getting your first job will be the hardest part and you will be applying for jobs that already have hundreds of other applicants. So how do you win? You need to become the obvious choice, develop your skills and be consistent. Most people quit when it gets tough so the more you persevere the higher your chances of success are.

So how do you get the best results? There is a great explanation that I heard from Tony Robbins. You need to develop certainty that it will happen. The more certain you are and the stronger your belief the more action you will take. Then when you take massive action you will get massive results and you will believe more leading to more action and better results

So back to landing your first job.

Develop your skills, Knowledge, certifications and experience:

There is the slow way and the faster way

Slow – do it yourself and self study. This way is the cheaper option but you will pay with your time and sweat equity

Here are the resources you can use

  1. Trailhead
  2. Focus on Force 

Sometimes the slow way is the more expensive way. You might be missing out on getting a job and higher salary sooner based on your new skills.

Fast – Learn from others

Find those that have achieved the goal you are trying to achieve and learn from them. This is usually the more expensive option but you will speed up the process significantly. I suggest that you take an accelerated learning course to speed up your learning.

Here are the resources you can use to speed up your development


Find others in the industry and build relationships with them. Don’t ask for anything from them and rather find ways to add value to them. Join local groups and attend Salesforce events

List of Salesforce Events

Get a mentor

Find someone who is willing to be your mentor as this will be a huge asset. However its very important that you become the type of person who will be a good mentee. Be respectful of their time, don’t be a burden or demanding. Find ways to add value, show appreciation and make them feel valued.

Build your LinkedIn profile

Building your brand is important. Act with integrity, build trust and make small progress every day.

Becoming an expert in your field

Once you have landed your first Salesforce Job then the true learning begins when you work on projects and get hands on experience. Then you will have access to one of the most important assets which is an environment where you can gain experience, build relationships, receive training and build your brand.

Focus on daily progress and your results will compound over time