Salesforce certification coupon / voucher

Key Takeaways

  • You can reduce the cost of your Salesforce certification exams using vouchers / coupons

  • There are free virtual events to help you prepare for exams and may offer & vouchers at the end of the event

  • Working for a Salesforce Partner most likely offers the benefit of free exam vouchers for any Salesforce exams

Maximise Your Savings with Salesforce Exam Vouchers

Keeping up to date with the most recent certifications is key for anyone working in Salesforce. There are ways to obtain vouchers to reduce the cost of your exams such as through their Certification Days or Trailhead Quests. By taking part in these events you can receive free vouchers towards your desired certification exam

Ways to find Salesforce Certification Vouchers

Salesforce Certification Days

Attendance at a Salesforce Certification Day is absolutely free, and gives you the opportunity to learn from a Salesforce instructor. At the end of this virtual event you may be given a Salesforce certification voucher. For example when attending the Admin one you may receive $140 off on the Administrator Exam that usually costs $200! Check for upcoming dates through Trailhead’s schedule page. There are sessions given from experienced instructors which will offer an overview into what aspects are required for the exam

Trailhead Quests and Competitions

Trailhead Quests and Competitions, provided by Salesforce, offer chances to enhance skills on a wide variety of topics. Completing quests allows you to gain badges which showcase your expertise as well as rise up the ranks within Trailblazer Community. Successful completion may give you an opportunity to receive certification vouchers

Here are the steps in order to take part: firstly visit either Trailhead Quest homepage or its community page, select a quest that interests you most, accomplish related tasks and challenges and build up enough badges.

Salesforce World Tours and Dreamforce

Salesforce offers many global events such as World Tours and the popular Dreamforce event. Partners and customers attend for keynote speeches, workshops, networking opportunities and more. Participants can also take advantage of discounts on certification exams when registering for these Salesforce Events that include voucher programs to use at their discretion. Overall this is a great chance get connected in different industries while enjoying all the other added benefits!

Trailblazer Community Groups

To access Salesforce resources, network with other professionals within the industry and stay informed about updates, joining a Trailblazer Community Group is essential. These groups offer numerous opportunities for career development as well as collaboration among like-minded members of the Salesforce community. Vouchers are shared among group members from time to time. In order to join one of these groups all you have to do is visit their website and select ‘Join Group’ on its banner at the top section.

Working for a Salesforce Partner

One of the benefits of working for a Salesforce partner is that you will have access to free Salesforce vouchers. This is a huge benefit if you are planning on working towards multiple certifications and for the times when you may need to retake an exam. Each company may have their own policy on how to request them, who is eligible, and general terms and conditions.